Robinson R22 Beta/Beta II Helicopter Overhaul

Current Lead Time on All OH Is 12 Weeks

R22 Beta/Beta II Overhaul Cost

  • Overhaul Kit w/ Robinson Warranty$93,000
  • Engine Buildup Kit $2,900
  • Engine OH w/Warranty $18,500
  • Overhaul Labor $16,000
  • Total  $130,400*
  • Core Deposit $16,100**

  *Price does not include misc parts not included in Overhaul  

 ** Core Value Determined by robinson Roughly 70% return. 


Robinson R22 Helicopter OVERHAUL PRICE

 The following Robinson R22 Helicopter overhaul prices are effective for all aircraft arriving at the LHD factory ready for overhaul and apply to properly maintained, undamaged R22 helicopters without excessive corrosion and still in airworthy condition. Upon receipt of the aircraft, including all parts, logbooks, signed work authorization, and a 50% down payment, the aircraft will be disassembled, inspected, and reassembled. During overhaul, all fatigue-life-limited components with less than 2200 hours remaining are replaced. All engines are overhauled per the current Lycoming overhaul manual by either LHD or Lycoming. We ensure all aircraft service and maintenance are in compliance with Robinson Factory standards. The overhaul price includes the following: 

Exchanged Components Overhauled

  •  A006 MR Gearbox
  • A012 MR Flight controles
  • A013 TR Flight Controles
  • A017 Swashplate 
  • A018 ClutchB021 TR Gearbox 
  • A051 Actuator
  • A062 TR Hub
  • B174 Fanwheel
  • Engine (OH exchange) 

Parts Replaced

  •  A170 Sheave
  • A190 V-Belts
  • A016 MR Blades 
  • A005 MR Hub
  • A027 Cooling System Panels 
  • A258 Pitch Links
  • A029 TR Blades 
  • A274 Windshields (optional additional chg)
  • A041 Damper Bearing 
  • A667 Skid Shoes
  • A120 Bellcrank 
  • A007 Fan Shaft & Bearing
  • A121-17 P/P Tube 
  • A947 Flexplates
  • A158 MR Spindles  
  • A159 Pitch Bearings  
  • A169 Muffler
  • Various small parts & hardware
  •  Interior - includes seats & carpets (optional)

 Following reassembly, all R22s overhauled at LHD, including engines, will receive a one-year or 100-hour (whichever occurs first) limited warranty. Prices given do not include avionics, instruments, floats, searchlights, or other specialized equipment. Prices for the basic overhaul and upgrades are listed below. Prices on the 4400-hour overhauls will vary depending on additional items, including life-limited parts, requiring replacement. 

BASIC OVERHAUL PRICE FOR All R22 Models $130,400 + upgrades


For additional costs for 4400 hour overhaul or damaged components, LHD will assess a refundable core deposit fee.  This includes fuel bladder tanks, upgrade parts, and labor.

Our shop and equipment is specifically designed to handle the overhaul of Robinson R22 helicopters. In many respects, we have mimicked the factory assembly line process. However, we have the added flexibility to improve on the factory production process. Our production efficiency translates into direct cost savings and added safety for your helicopter overhaul requirements.